WNDiS Client’s Story

A WNDiS client, Kevin Bennison, took part in a forum organised by the charity Feeding Britain on July 5th, which was all about PIP and ESA disability benefits. When Kevin started his PIP application, his partner had recently died, and he was bringing up his daughter as a sole parent, when he found out that he himself had a rare form of cancer which meant that he had to have extensive surgery. He applied for PIP but commented to the MPs at the forum that ‘they don’t want you to get it.’ He was especially upset because he was given the result – that he had scored 0 points – by phone and ‘didn’t even get a letter.’ The doctors at the hospital who had suggested that he applied for PIP were also amazed at the result, and Kevin says that he had no help apart from the RAF benevolent fund and from Nicki Martin at WNDiS. With her help he successfully appealed the decision. Kevin says that he doesn’t know what he would have done without the help he had from WNDiS. He has given permission for WNDiS to publish his story.

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