1. Great service to help those in need. I am now using their services after my partner suffered a stroke and now also suffers from anxiety. She has difficulty walking but was refused a blue badge. At the appeal appraisal I was told by the Occupational Therapists she only had 15 mins to discuss the case , and I was not allowed to comment and told to turn the speaker phone off. My partner was already worried and anxious and found the experience upsetting. The badge was once again refused and I feel if only they would actually see her in person, they would understand how it affects her quality of life

  2. Thanks for posting this description of your wife’s experience of trying to get a blue badge, David. Has anyone else got any more experiences they want to share about getting a blue badge – good or bad – we would love to hear your stories and offer help where it’s needed. Vickie – WNDiS Coordinator.

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