PIP Ruling

A supreme court judgement in July 2919 ruled that PIP claimant, MM, had not been awarded enough points for the Mixing with Others section for Daily Living as he had been given a support person to help him with this, as well as prompting, and had only been awarded 2 points and not 4. He lost his case at a 1st tier tribunal and won at the supreme court. As a result anyone PIP claimants can get backdated awards if they have also been awarded too few points in the same way, if they made their claim after April 2016. 

The DWP did not start looking into potential reassessments until September 2021,  including for those people who were also given too few points and as a result were refused PIP. There are estimated to be 340,000 reassessments needed. Although reassessments are meant to be happening now, it is advisable to contact DWP rather than wait until they contact you. There is more information on the case on the MIND website. 

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